U.S. Horse Racing

The “Sport of the Kings” found its way to the United States of America by the horses brought by the Europeans. Some of these horses were trained to race, mostly Arabians purebred. The mixing of the Arabians with other purebreds led to the Thoroughbred breed. These would go on to become the most sought-after breed of horses in modern day horseracing. As sport gambling is the inherent nature of horse racing, the gambling industry in the U.S has a very high estimated turnover rate running into millions of dollars. A major chunk of this traffic comes from online gambling sites. Punters now find it easier than ever to bet on their favourite jockey, horse or race – online. Whether you bet from home, the office or whilst travellign, online betting offers you convenience and streamlined betting.

Forms of Horseracing

Steeplechase, the racing of horses over a course with obstructions and shallow water jumps, became popular in England and Ireland in the Nineteenth century with the annual Grand National Steeplechase being the most famous. The largest horse racing purse in the U.S is the $5,000,000 offered at the Breeders’ Cup Classic. The Saratoga Race Track is the first Horse track in the United States.

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The length of the stretch runs for Major Horse Racing Tracks in the US is listed in the past performances for each track in any given edition of the Daily Racing Form, as well as at the form’s website. Most tracks have internet sites that have this information as well.

Other forms of horse racing are the Harness horse racing, Quarter horse racing and the endurance horse racing. The American Horse races are amongst the most prestigious and highly attractive in the world. It brings hundreds of millions of dollars to the gambling industry through the online sports betting worldwide.

Gambling and Horse Racing

Gambling has been part horse racing since the start, and remains intact despite attacks by reform groups and religious leaders. Various states in the U.S. acknowledging the prospect of increased revenues, legalised and taxed betting at the track in the Nineteenth century.

American tracks now use the pari-mutuel system of betting. All bets are pooled and the odds are based on the relative amounts bet upon the horses. Betting is on whether a horse will win, place or show. “Bet to win” is when the punter puts a wager on a horse and the bet will be a winner if that horse wins the race. Or the punter may have the option to “bet to place” or “bet to show”. Bet to place means that the punter bets on a horse to finish in the top two slots, for example if the punter places a bet to place & his horse finishes second, the bet will pay off. The “bet to show” means to bet for the top three slots, however the reward is more for the bet to win, as the odds are higher. The types of bets which can be placed in horse racing depend heavily on the type of race and the number of contesting horses.

Where, conventionally bets are placed on a facility on the track, now some states allow the operation of services for off-track betting, as in the case of online gambling sites. It is very much possible to securely place bets online in real-time. In fact online betting is replacing the conventional method of wagering very quickly. Often on-track wagering and online solutions are coordinated to enhance the gambling experience for the punters. The online betting system provides the convenience of placing bets remotely from anywhere, meaning the bettor does not have to be physically present at the track for placing his or her bets. Furthermore, a bettor can be against other bettors and increase his chances of winning.

Apart from the traditional betting with a bookie, bettors may be able to both back and lay money through an online betting exchange. The conveniences of these online bookmakers is amazing, and you won’t find a better list of odds. From US horse racing to such massive international events as the Melbourne Cup, Dubai Cup, and Royal Ascot to name a few, online betting exchanges offer the longest list of the best odds available. This gives more control to the online players as the odds are set by the betting exchange depending on the market conditions. Also by betting online, the bettor can bypass the middle man bookie.

Online betting exchanges offer dedicated services and news online for a number of topics relating to the horse races in America. They provide previews and statistics for races around the different states and specialize in Championship and Derby races. Whether or not you are a horse racing fan and bettor, the mood is very energetic and it’s hard not to feel the adrenalin pumping with the riders on the race tracks. Whether you bet from home or the office, you can experience all the action online and via satellite. You don’t have to miss out on any of the action when you bet online. In fact, there are distinct advantages to placing a wager online, including convenience and streamlined betting.